A Dundas Nightmare…


Quarto Front HouseIt’s Wednesday September 24, 2014. The phone calls and text messages are sent out. Only half of the crew are available to meet up, but that’s ok because the first meeting must go on. I agree to host a meeting at my house, we are not getting together to talk about how the weather is slowly changing and fall is approaching. And we are not talking about our plans for the weekend. No, September marks the month where we plan to bring back the city’s largest and scariest private event. Our annual Haunted House in North Burnaby, a Dundas Nightmare. The name has changed and yet we still have the same objective, to entertain and scare the wits out of the public on Halloween night. The plans to our haunted house are not quite simple. It takes special planning to make this month long process work. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, time, money (we purchase all wood, material and props from our own pockets) and fighting through different weather conditions to have this all up and running by Halloween. As the four of us sit in my basement, we huddle around a small clipboard in pure excitement. Each of us reminiscing about last year’s successful event, and how we can expand and make it better this time around. We agree to create a website which gives the public access to information about who we are and what we do. This also gives people access to donate to B.C. Children’s Hospital (something we have been doing in person on Halloween night for the past three years). Picture 4Social media is something we just starting doing as of last year, and the plan is to expand that further so we can reach out to a larger crowd of people (You can like and follow us on Facebook Dundas Nightmare). We then start to toss out ideas about the themed rooms and what we would like to bring back, and which ones we want to eliminate. You see every year the haunted house continuously changes, it provides us with new challenges to try out different things for ourselves and our audience. At the end of the day who wants to walk through the same haunted house over and over again? Not us! After agreeing on what will be taking place inside the haunted house, we begin to map out the layout. My cousin draws out a plan he thinks may change the face of the haunted house, something we have never done before. After a few minor touches, the blueprint to the layout is finally complete! We sit back congratulating each other, because we know this is the start of something amazing. Although the hardest part is far from underway we have this feeling that this year is going to be the most successful ever! Dundas Street is about to get a little creepier, dare to join us on Halloween night to see what we have in store for you? We look forward to providing you with our progress, until next time…. Happy Haunting!!

– Francesco

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