The Battle On Thanksgiving Day


IMG_2263What’s 50 feet long, shaped like a dome and provides shelter below? The complete and fully enclosed roof of a Dundas Nightmare. For the past 3 days the Halloween crew as endlessly put in several hours over the long weekend to complete the roof. At times only 2 members were available, imagine 2 guys holding a 4×8 sheet of plywood and balancing on a ladder. Imagine standing 15 feet high on the top of the haunted house and looking down below. Holding sheets of plywood in place, drill it, and repeat the process all over again. Let me take you back to a moment during this long weekend. The day is Monday (October 13th) and the six of us are ready to go. We have made a promise that the roof needs to be done today. The forecast will not be working in our favor over the course of the week, so it’s a do or die scenario. A group of four spilt off and start to chop pieces of wood, screw them into place for support and apply the plywood. The other 2 begin to sift through the debris throughout the haunted house and organize what can stay and what needs to be put away. Even though it may not seem like an important task, every little tedious job needs to be done before the walls are blocked and covered. After an hour the crew realize that more plywood needs to be purchased (a few pieces are broken). So off a couple of our crew go to make the trip. The rest of us agree we might as well place the supports up while they are gone so we can be ready to toss up the plywood. Just as we are talking about our game plan, I feel drop. Then the others feel a few drops as well, we all look at each other and know what we are all thinking, did you feel that? Eventually the drops of rain go away and we figure we are home free, but boy was I wrong. The rest of the crew arrive and begin to unload the plywood just as the sky decides to opens up and what was a drizzle now becomes a downpour. Like a team in an emergency situation we all get into position to try and battle the rain. Some of us balance on step ladders holding plywood into place. A few stand at the 15 foot peak of the roof to drill in the plywood. It seems the quicker we work the harder it rains. Each and every one of us is drenched head to toe, but we still must continue. A couple of us decide to break away from the group and begin to organize the 50foot tarp that will cover the roof. With only about a 10foot area to try and unravel the tarp, and the rain thundering down…this only provides more challenges we face. Just as the guys finish off the last little bit of the roof, we begin the challenging task of the tarp. As the tarp slowly covers the roof, we face another challenge of having the rain roll right into our faces! It seems nothing can go right for us today; nothing can stop a determined Halloween crew, not even the rain! We eventually get the tarp on, and some of us are already late for thanksgiving dinner! We quickly begin the task of tying the tarp (with rope) to the fence, it’s another challenging task. Why you may ask? It’s not the tying that is the issue; it’s the loss of sensation in our fingers. Our hands quiver from the freezing, torrential downpour of the rain. We have come this far, and we are determined than ever to finish the task. With the last piece of rope holding the tarp into place we breathe out in relief. Well somewhat you can say. We are completely soaked and we barely have enough time to say goodbyes or congratulate each other as we are all hungry and late for dinner!!! People may wonder why we did not wait for another sunny day. However we know that ever minute spent on the haunted house is very crucial. When the size of the haunted house expands (last year was 1200sq ft, this year is 1500sq ft) there’s no time for much error. Every moment counts, ever second ticks away to the most anticipated private attraction of the year, A Dundas Nightmare. Rain or shine the show always continues, and for now it seems we have battled and defeated the rain. With the unpredictable weather of the Lower Mainland, we hope that our hard work will pay off. And that maybe come Halloween the gods of the sky with grant us a wish dry and a frightful night! For now a warm shower and a cup of hot chocolate will do just fine. Cheers!


– Francesco

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