The End is Near


Picture 023The final touches, the last moments are approaching. The feeling is overbearing with sheer anticipation and excitement. Think of it like the last play of a championship football game, can we do? Are we ready? It felt so long ago when we were taking the pieces of wood from the side of my house, and now? The haunted house has grown dark, suffocating at times. Room are complete…I repeat ROOMS ARE COMPLETE!!!! Lighting is put into place….I really shouldn’t say anymore it’s up to YOU to check us out on Halloween night (or the 30th if you dare!). What I can say is that the haunted house has grown a little eerie. There are no more cutting corners or dodging through walls. If you need to work on say room 5 (we have 10 rooms this year) you have a little maze to find your way there! Last night before we called it a night we did a walkthrough to add any lose ends that needed to be done to our list. In the process we looked around and grew to amazement, you may ask why? We see this haunted house inside and out almost on a daily basis. I should say this is not any haunted house. How many houses in the lower mainland can turn their backyard (give credit to the suburb and city) and amass a 1500 sq ft fully enclosed haunted house? Who can boast having 10 different and unique rooms, each that has been cared for like a young infant child? Our main focus is not to try and beat the rest. We think of Halloween as a time for people to go out and have fun. For children to gather candy and reminisce about all the cool houses they came upon. And we like to think that in the process of all that, we could be in those conversations. And maybe just maybe we may be in the conversation of others until next Halloween. That is what Halloween is all about, isn’t it? For now, this is where we are, and this is what we have accomplished. 150 hours of hard gruelling work (this has been a second job to most) and with mother nature throwing everything our way this year. We like to think this is the most successful year and the doors have not even been open yet! Like the final stretch of 2 drag racers speeding towards the finish line, you never let up until you have crossed the line. For us there is still work to be done on the haunted house, and only when Halloween has passed will our finish line be crossed.

We hope to see you soon!


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